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As a first time blogger I’ll be completely honest this is a little intimidating. But putting yourself and your work into the world always is. There is always a fear of judgement. That’s why it has taken me till I was nineteen years old and in college to finally pick up my insecurities, tie them up in a bow and give them to you.

I guess I have my English teacher to thank though, an assignment she gave us is actually what pushed me to do this, that and her compliments on my writing. “A breath of fresh air,” is what she called it.

Just a little encouraging don’ t you think?

I have always enjoyed writing, I never did much with it though. A little journaling here and there when I remember (I’m currently a year behind for example….). I even began writing some poetry back in high school when I went through a break up.

Shocking I know, but that’s how a lot of writers start out. When a big event happens in your life what is the first thing you do? Post something uplifting on social media? Tweet a cheesy quote about putting good vibes into the world? Caption a picture on instagram with a cheesy quote? Nothing against these of course but that’s what makes you a writer. Some people post on social media, some journal, and some create novels. Doesn’t matter how you do it.

When I was younger I had a lot of ideas on how to help people be happier and find joy in life. How to make friends and what to do in difficult situations. I had this “bright idea” to be a public speaker and travel the world sharing my own experiences. That shifted really quick when I gave my first talk in church and said “um” every two seconds, while turning a bright shade of tomato red. Yeah that wasn’t very enjoyable.

But maybe I can do that and maybe even more through this and I’ll learn to be a little more open to criticism in doing so. We’ll see how that goes!

lyssa ann



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