We’re not Brittney Spears in Toxic so cleanse yourself of all that ick yeah?

Hello! Hi!

Been a minute I know for those of you who are subscribed, so sorry! But for any new visitors, hello again, much love, welcome to the insanity that is my life.

Since I last posted a TON has happened and I mean a ton!

  1. I got engaged to the love of my life! I know I haven’t mentioned him much but if you follow me on Instagram (@pipsqueak_lyss) you’ll know him well.
  2. School has started and it is not like my first semester where I was just taking generals. My butt is being kicked into gear and I am grateful for it.
  3. I’ve been planning a wedding…. yikes but love! hahaha

Anyway today’s post is all about something that has become very important to me and that is cleansing. We’re not talking make up, social media, social life, or mental. We’re talking ALL OF IT!

If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (typing that was a struggle but thanks President Nelson) then you know that during the women’s session it was suggested to the members to take a 10 day fast from social media. If you are anything like me that is a really hard feat and I’m not even that popular on social media. I don’t have to worry about a loss of followers or even money because I’m not advertising. Like some of you I simply enjoy looking at beautiful things. I love seeing people happy and living their best life even when I know that it is a front to what is going on behind the camera.

I STRUGGLED with this challenge. I have no hobbies and no books I’m reading (favorite book list to be posted a later time 😉 ), so social media has become my filler for free time.

Bored? Social media.

Walking to class? Social media.

On the bus to work? Social Media.

Laying in bed being the fabulous Mrs. Potato Head I am? Social media.

I did a week long cleanse over the summer when I did a month long minimalist challenge, which I highly recommend for anyone needing to cleanse a few areas of their life, and it was hard too. I thought this time around would be easier where I have already done it but honey was I wrong! But its cool, it takes some practice and effort when its usually apart of your daily life. Now to get into it here is some cleansing ideas for different parts of your life.

Make up

To start off I have one question for you.

When is the last time you washed your make up brushes you nasty?!

Honey…. if you aren’t washing your make up brushes once a week then you should know exactly why you have acne. It is necessary to the livelihood of your skin to take care of your make up applying tools. Now, if you do need to wash them you don’t need to go crazy looking for special product or boards to rub your brushes on/in. Get yourself some gentle hand soap and a towel or an exfoliating tool with short bristles. Now wash them girls cause they are as nasty as a girl who didn’t wash her make up off after a night out.

Next if you use a sponge of any sort to help apply your make up and it has a tear or any chunks missing, throw it out cause that now holds a bunch of bacteria that you are rubbing on your face babe.

To finish off, clean out your make up. If you are a girl that doesn’t use all that much, good on you boo, live your best life. But for the rest of us who range from having a decent selection of eyeshadow’s to pick from to “I got a whole make up station dedicated to my mounds of make up,” we gotta clean things up a bit. Go through your make up and find those old mascara’s and things that you’ve had for a little to long. Make up only lasts a certain amount of time. I don’t mind buying the somewhat smaller or medium sized bottles cause those larger ones aren’t going to be looking to fabulous by the time I’m trying to poor out those last drops of it. If you have had it to long or don’t use it once every few weeks (at the most) then it needs to go. Sorry boo but its true.


If there is one thing that I recommend for everyone, and you will here this a thousand times, drink your water! It is a proven fact a majority of the times that you are craving something and can’t put your finger on what, your body is asking for water (not gonna cite it so look it up if you don’t believe me). Your body is smart. If it’s low in salt it’s gonna make you crave salt. But when you can’t decide what it is your hungry or thirsty for, drink some water and you’ll be glowing.

Next, get yourself a beauty routine. If you didn’t know, I didn’t till about 6 months ago, there are different skin types. Combination, oily, dry, and more. I knew people had more oily or dry skin but I didn’t realize there were certain routines and products for these skin types! FYI I’m combination and I feel like I got a pretty good thing going for myself. So look it up, find your type and do it. That’s the big thing, actually doing it.

Your Social Life

Now this is a bit of a touchy subject cause its totally up to you how you live your life but I don’t really know the age range of the viewers that I do have so maybe there are some out there who haven’t learned some of the things I have in my 20 years.

  1. Don’t stick with people who don’t reciprocate your efforts in a relationship. Friendly or romantically.
  2. Delete that old post if you feel like it but if you like the picture still, you can always just change the caption.
  3. Do you and don’t care what anyone else thinks. People who respect you and love you will come out of nowhere and change your life when you are being true to yourself and the best of relationships come out of it.
  4. If you want to text him/her, just do it. The whole tag game of waiting a certain amount of time or “I always text first” is stupid in my opinion. If you want to talk to someone just do it.
  5. Delete your social media accounts every so often. Start with a weekend a month or every Sunday. Social media as we all know can be damaging in different ways so give yourself a break.

This was a long af post my bad, sorry not sorry, but I hope there was something useful for you!

Thanks for tuning in!

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